Shovel Someone’s Driveway

Shovel Someone’s Driveway

Last week we got our first snowfall that we knew was going to stick (…and STICK it did, literally. We got slush again over the night and whatever wasn’t cleared from driveways was stuck on for good). Before that could happen, my son and I decided we’d strike again as “Kindness Elves” and clear our neighbor’s driveway. He is always so good to us – mowing our lawn, doing us favors, etc. This was something we could do that would help him out too. Plus, it was something my son and I could do together and get a little exercise while we were at it. Shoveling wet snow is quite the workout!

Later that night, I was tired and cranky. The kids had been fighting, and I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things on my to-do list. That’s when I got a call from him thanking us. It came at just the right time, because his call lifted my spirits. ┬áThat call was nice example of instant karma.


shovel someone's driveway

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