Make a Double Batch

the kindness elves bake a double batch

Kindness Elves:  Make a Double Batch

Today I wasn’t sure what the kindness elves would do.  The members of the Kindness Elves Facebook Page shared some wonderful ideas, but I was neither motivated to do them nor had enough time.  Sometimes it’s nice to have some quick-and-easy RAK ideas on hand.

A friend of mine who used to live next door recently gave me Miss Kay’s Duck Commander cookbook as a gift.  I used to cook for him a lot, but since he had moved it was harder to do.  I whipped it out and made one of the recipes he had starred – Jep’s Meatloaf.   I’d make one for us, and freeze one for him.

What I decided to do was simple and only required a few extra minutes in my day. When I was making dinner, I doubled my batch of meatloaf. This is something I often do anyway, simply because I don’t always have time to cook every night. Keeping my freezer stocked with meals is a way to feed my family good meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

His meatloaf is now in our freezer, waiting for the next time I see him.


jep's favorite meatloaf



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