Bake Cookies for the Neighbors

kindness elves day one

Kindness Elves Day One:  Bake Treats for the Neighbors

My son is ten years old and already knows his way around the kitchen better than most adults.  He’s always had aspirations to excel in the field of culinary arts.  In fact, when asked in preschool what he wanted to do when he grew up, he replied, “Be a baker.”   Although his early dreams have since given way to thoughts of being an NBA star, his baking skills are still being honed on a daily basis.  :)

Since today’s elf task was to “Bake a Treat for the Neighbors” and he was on top of the job.  Not  only did he make them all from start to finish, he delivered them with a smile.  The four-year-old next door was excited to be on the receiving end of his act of kindness!



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