Secret Santa Gives Out $100 via Homeless Man

Did anyone else catch this news story a few days ago?  Every year, the same anonymous businessman acts as a “Secret Santa” and goes around the country handing out $100 to strangers. T his year, he decided to enlist the help of a homeless man in Phoenix to give the money to those he saw fit. Steve Hartman has their story in this “On The Road” segment that aired on CBS.

Where to Get Kindness Elves

Kindness ElvesWhere to Get Your Kindness Elves:

Target has some cute ornaments that could double as Kindness elves that don’t cost a lot.  Hurry though, last year these ornament sold out quickly.  Remember, it doesn’t matter as much as what your elves look like as what they do.  

kindness elves at target kindness elves at target kindness elves at target

Postage Stamps for Charity

postage stamps for charityCharities can make great use of collected postage stamps from all over the world, common and rare, to fundraise, by selling them on to philatelists and collectors. Please help us spread the word. Please, visit our website today to find a charity that you would like to support. The website is updated monthly, and new charities are welcome to be added to the list as well.

Each charity is listed with the address to send donations to, and the date that they last confirmed their details, so that you know how up to date the listing is. We are a free, volunteer run directory. To add your charity, please send us the name of the charity, a postal address for donations to be sent to, and a few words about what your charity does.


Switch Witch: Halloween Fun

Switch WitchCan’t wait until Christmastime to have fun with your Elf?  Try the Switch Witch!  It is available on  More about it:

Actually, Switch Witches have always been here, but now your family can

enjoy their fun. Each October, long before Halloween, your friendly young

Switch Witch will come to visit!

Your Switch Witch will stay with your family as a guest in the days and

weeks until Halloween night. Kids will be kind hosts as they make their

Switch Witch friend feel happy and welcome. In exchange, each smart little

Switch Witch has an amazing surprise . . .

On Halloween night at bedtime, kids leave a heap of their trick-or-treat

sweets with their Switch Witch pal . . .

. . . and in the morning they will see that their candy has been switched

(wink! wink!) for a special switch gift!


Make Your Own “Kindness Elves”

These adorable “Peg Dolls” would be great to use as Kindness Elves.   This great video from Everywhere You Go explains how to make them.

You’ll Need:

Felt and Fabric Scraps
Wooden Beads
Pipe Cleaners
Sand Paper
Wooden Peg Clothespins
Paint and Pens

I love how you can easily customize them according to what you have on hand and the look you want to achieve.

how to make kindness elves

Benny the Elf Volunteers for USO

elf acts of kindness

Benny the Elf is a proud USO volunteer!  I love this inspiring “Kindness Elf” story from Christmas 2012.  Thanks to Shell for sharing it with us.

“Benny the Elf was up bright and early today, but not to head back to the North Pole.  He had a MUCH more important task at hand.  Benny volunteered with the USO this morning to welcome our soldiers into our airport and make them as comfortable as possible on their long journey home or on their deployment out.”

Read more and see all the photos of Benny the Elf in the Mommysavers Random Acts of Kindness Forum.

Christmas Elf Treat Bag Ideas

These Christmas Treat Bag Ideas would be fun to make with the kids and pass out to friends, family or hand give as classroom treats.   Some of them are even elf-related!   Be sure to follow the links for the details on how to make them.

elf treat bag ideas - starlight stamper

Elf Kisses via Starlight Stamper

Reindeer Noses via Creations by Kara

Reindeer Noses via Creations by Kara

elf treat bag ideas -

Elf Pillows via

elf gumdrops bag topper

Magic Elf Gum Drops via Google Docs (blog source unknown)

snowman soup

Snowman Soup via FlipChickDesigns


Kindness Elf Printables

kindness elf printables

Kindness Elf Printables

Mommysavers has some great Elf on the Shelf Printables designed to inspire kindness for your elf.  Some of them include:


Random Acts of Kindness for Your Elf

  • Donate toys
  • Call a relative just to say “hi”
  • Send a care package
  • Write teachers a thank-you note
  • Help an elderly neighbor
  • Donate classroom supplies
  • Bring flowers to someone
  • Bake cookies for someone
  • Offer to babysit
  • Leave “wishing pennies” near a fountain
  • Give outgrown clothing to a friend
  • Donate to the food shelf
  • Leave change in the vending machine
  • Create artwork for nursing home residents
  • Donate books to your school library
  • Leave a treat for your letter carrier
  • Leave a treat for sanitation workers
  • Make treats for the volunteer fire department
  • Drop off some crayons and coloring books at your local doctors office, or hospital
  • Bring flowers to a nursing home
  • Make “homeless bags” to keep in the car
  • Pick up litter at the park
  • Pack extra treats with your kids school lunch for them to share with friends
  • Donate dog/cat treats to the Animal Shelter

Target Savers found this cute little “Hermie” elf doll at Target in the stocking stuffer bins.  He’s just $5 – much less than the Elf on the Shelf licensed dolls and would be great as a “Kindness Elf”!

elf on the shelf